Mr. David's School of Film

Offering a variety of film, animation, and theater educational opportunities for children

DAVID LOITZ is a filmmaker, multimedia artist and educator. He graduated with a BFA in Film/Video in 2005 from California Institute of the Arts and is completing his Masters in Elementary Education at Goddard College.


My children is bringing their Tablet to class, How do I prepare it for class?

  1. We have 8 pads currently available for use during class. We ask children to work in groups of at least two as it makes for a better film and encourages teamwork, collaboration  and problem solving.  We however understand that some students do their best work alone and bring their Ipad to class can help facilitate that.
  2. Please make sure your tablet has enough storage space to allow for the creative stop motion films your children will be making. 
  3. Download the Stop Motion App  by Cateater  There is a free version, but the 4.99 version is pretty awesome and what we used in class. 
  4. Make sure the tablet is charged.

Can I stay with my children during class?

  • Our class time is designed to maximize the student directed creative process and allow students a chances to be filmmakers and animators. We believe this is best done when the class size is limited to the children.  We understand that parents are interested in the work their children are doing and want to be able to support the work at home also. We offer parents a "10 and 10" policy. You are welcome to stay for the first 10 minutes of class and arrive 10 minutes early to see the work their produced during the class.  If class enrollment is low, special arrangements can be made.

When and where will my children's films be posted? 

Mr. David tries to post the videos of the students within a week of class. There is often a few elements that are adding after class to fully realize the student's' vision including music, titles and sound effects. This added post editing can delay work. If your child's work has not been uploaded after a week please email with questions. 

What do I need to know before class?

• Please make sure your child has had a snack before class, we will able to provide an snack during class!
• If you child has an IPAD, please bring it. Not required. Please email with any questions.
• Legos will be available for the children to use.
• Please arrive to camp on time. We have so much creativity to explore and need every minute of our camp time.
• Please make sure to complete all registration forms 24 hours prior to your arrival at the class. It is important for us to get to know your child before they arrive and have all health and safety information taken care of. We limit our class size in order to insure that each participant gets the most out of their time with us.